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Ger Staunton
Ger Staunton

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian, Ger Staunton.

We kick off the interview and we speak about an Edinburgh preview show Ger had just performed in London along with previous Comedy Cast guest Danny O’Brien.

I ask him about the nature of preview shows and about how much a set will change from the previews to the actual Edinburgh set. We speak too about learning to be critical of your work and how sometimes it doesn’t matter what you think of a bit, it’s the audience that are the best judge of new material.

We speak about Ger’s podcast with former Comedy Cast guest Martin Angolo, Canary in a Comedy Goldmine, where Martin tests out new material on Ger.
It’s a brilliant podcast and I urge you all to subscribe, the lads are hilarious together.

I tell Ger that I get the impression for other comedians in Dublin that he’s somewhat looked up to, but he reveals it’s not because of his talent as a comedian…

We speak about Ger’s job of being a video editor for live sporting events and some short films he’d made in the past in particular Bealtaine, a short about an old neighbour who brought back a dying tradition to Mayo.

We talk then about how and why Ger got into comedy. Ger’s speaks then about putting the foot down in comedy recently and about how the more you put into performing regularly the more you’ll get out of it.

We speak about the comedy scene in Dublin, the advantages and disadvantages to gigging to a lot of tourists and people who don’t regularly attend comedy and how as new comics you have to be willing to work hard and do the small gigs before getting the bigger ones.

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