Alex Byrne

Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast Interview with Irish Comedian Alex Byrne

Alex Byrne
Alex Byrne

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian Alex Byrne.

We kick off the interview in unusual fashion and speak about peanut butter and jam, or jelly, sandwiches, I’d just discovered them and wanted to share their amazement with the world.

Alex comes from Lucan in Dublin, so we get the lowdown on the village withing a city’s borders. We speak about Alex being half stand-up comedian, half magician, and not half-Michiganian, coz I’d thought I seen the word Michigan when I should’ve been reading magician and proceeded to make a right tit of myself.

We chat then about what attracted Alex to magic in the first place and about what he does for a living. He reveals a great tactic for getting rid of drunks that want to talk about his job on nights out.

Alex has previously attended Dublin’s Gaiety School of Acting so I wanted to know more about its acting courses, what he learned from it and what has been transferable to stand-up comedy.

Alex enjoys gigging all over Ireland so we speak about whether he finds there’s differences between city and country audiences.

We speak about Alex’s influences;  Fr. Ted & Fawlty Towers both get a special mention.

And finally then, we tackle that old myth about comedians being miserable and needing the validation and love of strangers.

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