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Rosco McClelland
Rosco McClelland

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Scottish stand-up comedian Rosco McClelland.

Rosco’s from Scotland but he’d just been touring with some Irish comedians in Australia so we got talking about some of the new Irish slang he’d learned from them.

We both then profess our undying and unwavering love for American pop/punk masters Weezer, really I love that band and I won’t have a bad word said against them.

It seems to me that Scottish comedy is going through a revival, more successful comedians are coming out of Scotland and there are more and more comedy nights all over the country now so I ask Rosco if can he explain this revival and the purple patch Scottish comedy seems to be going through.

Search for Rosco on Youtube and you’ll get a ton of rap battles; so I ask him about hip-hop and we talk about him having been a drummer in a punk band before comedy.

We speak about how and why Rosco got into comedy, and he tells a great story of trying out his first joke on none other than Kevin Bridges.

This doesn’t come up very often but Rosco has an alter-ego character he sometimes gigs as; Rosco McSkeleton, so we had to chat about that, I wanted to dig into the subject and get to know more about the character and why more comedians don’t try playing roles on stage.

Rosco won Scottish Comedy of the Year in 2016, so we speak about the competition and what it’s lead on to since winning.

And finally then we chat about Rosco’s comedic influences and the comedy shows he used to watch on tele growing up.

Rosco McClelland’s Twitter: here

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