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Tim Dillon
Tim Dillon

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American stand-up comedian Tim Dillon.

We begin the interview with Tim educating me about Long Island because I barely know anything about it.

We speak about a few of Tim’s old jobs and we discuss how it’s kind of weird that stand-ups are all really crap at sales jobs, where you’d expect lying to be part of the course.

We get talking about about how crack houses can be a lot of fun when you’re 13 and how he got into drink and drugs.

We have a laugh about the single worst piece of reality TV: Undercover Boss and why it’s such a god-awful piece of shit.

We chat then about about comedy reviewers and how many of them don’t really get Tim’s material, calling him a contrarian when in reality he doesn’t take different sides to stir shit, he just wants to explore different angles when questioning something.

We speak about the whole idea of punching up in comedy….but he puts me in my place saying ‘punch everywhere man, you ever been in a fight?’

Finally then we speak about Tim very successful podcast Tim Dillon is Going to Hell a podcast you really should be listening to.

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