Wis Jantarasorn

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Wis Jantarasorn
Wis Jantarasorn

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Scottish/Thai stand-up comedian Wis Jantarasorn.

We kick off the interview speaking about Gok Wan & Alan Carr, Wis reveals why.

Wis is from Leith, just north of Edinburgh so we get talking about that and how the small port town has changed over the years. We get topical then and speak about Theresa May triggering Article 50 for Brexit, being against a second Scottish Independence Referendum, Scotland having zero Conservative party members in the Scottish parliament and just how crazy it must be to live in Scotland at the moment under such conditions.

We get onto comedy then and speak about how long Wis has been doing it and how and why he got into it. Wis speaks about how quickly he learnt to read crowd reactions so that he’d know how far he could go with certain topics and jokes.

We chat about how Wis’ sets have evolved over the years and how he has the confidence to go back to early material and rewrite it with a new perspective

We speak about seeing comedians regularly and how it pushes you to be a better observes and better comedian.

And finally then Wis had just announced his plans for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival so we had to have a natter about that.

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