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Jeremy Pace
Jeremy Pace

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American stand-up comedian, Jeremy Pace.

We kick off the interview speaking about Missouri where Jeremy’s from, I know very little about the state so I was keen to know what it was like growing up there for Jeremy.
We get talking then about the commonalities we share in both growing up in small rural towns and that god-awful Dutch outfit Scooter get a dishonourable mention.

We chat then for a bit about Jeremy’s day job where he helps people with addictions and we speak too about his own battles with addiction in the past.
We also talk about why drug addiction is so common among creatives.

We talk then about how former addicts use comedy to deal with their pasts and how when they meet together they love trading funny/horror stories with each other.

We speak about how and why Jeremy got into comedy and his previous career in Burlesque in Washington DC. We talk too about a stand-up comedy course he took before going on stage for the first time. He also speaks about his mantra of being truthful in his comedy.

We get chatting then about the community spirit that is present in comedy, how people are far more supportive than in other art forms.

We speak about what it’s like to share the same stages in LA that so many legendary comedians have threaded over the years and he shares a story about pissing off stand-up comedian and TV actor, Ali Wong.

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