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John Robertson
John Robertson, photo by Chris Schmidt

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Australian stand-up comedian John Robertson.

John was a host of the videogame TV show a few years ago, Videogame Nation, I loved that show so we got straight onto that, how he got involved and what he liked and disliked about working for a Saturday-morning TV programme.

John tells me how to this day people still recognise him from it in the UK and do his catchphrase from the show and he tells a hilarious story about being recognised after coming out of a Parisian Burlesque/strip show.

There’s an infamous video of John Robertson that went viral about a year ago of when he goes to town on a Heckler, I’ve linked it here so you can have a look, it’s pretty much a work of art, so we spoke about what happened on that faithful night.

We speak about John’s Edinburgh Fringe show, Dominant, when and where it’s on an all about it.

John won a Choice Award for his Edinburgh Fringe show last year, so I wanted to ask him about that and did he feel any pressure while putting together this year’s show to top last year’s.

John talks about how over the years he’s learned to not write his shows, instead coming up with an ending and improvising a full show to get to the end. It’s an amazing talent and I delve into it a bit more with him.

We chat about how John learned to read rooms, how he learned how to recognise how far he can push material with different audiences.

We talk about kids these days not knowing who the Venga Boys are.

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