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Maria Shehata
Maria Shehata

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American stand-up comedian Maria Shehata.

We kick off the interview by speaking about Maria’s ongoing Edinburgh Show, Wisdomless a show about why she left LA for London after falling in love.
She talks about what she both loves and hates about London and the differences she’s noticed having living in both New York and LA before.

We get talking about living in cities in general, how I don’t particularly like it and find it hard to sleep among noise, while Maria finds no problem at all and while talking about it, she tells me I probably have misophonia, a strong reaction to specific sounds.

We speak about Maria’s ancestry and how got her name 100% wrong.

We get talking then again about the Edinburgh Fringe and how this is her first time doing an hour there, we talk about what she knew about the Fringe when living in America and what American comedians think of it.

We speak about the challenge of putting on a solo-one hour show and the differences between having polished 10,15-minutes of different clubs sets and why she wanted wrote something completely new for her first Fringe Show.

We speak about the differences between British and American audiences and if there’s any truth to there being any difference between them at all.
We talk about whether her delivery or style of comedy has changed at all since leaving America for the UK.

In a previous interview Maria had said that a friend noticed she kind of lived her life somewhat detached from herself, I thought that was really interesting and to be honest, really helpful when it comes to a life in comedy so we delve into the subject for a bit.

We speak then about a web series Maria was part of the America, called My Super Overactive Imagination with Cat Reinhart.

Finally then we talk too about Maria’s upcoming comedy album that she’s recording soon.

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