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Niamh Marron
Niamh Marron

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian Niamh Marron.

We kick off the interview speaking about coming from County Monaghan and why the county produces so many excellent stand-up comedians. And poultry farms.

Niamh was a photography student before getting into comedy so we spoke about that for a bit and if there’s any cross over between photography and comedy, and her mighty Instagram page.
We speak too about her final college project, something really cool where she mixed photography and comedy.

We speak about how and why she got into comedy.

We talk then about what it’s like to die on stage and how with Niamh it makes her more determined to right that wrong the next time she’s on stage. We chat about one incident in particular when she had the unfortunate experience of a whole room turning against her, but she explains how she won them back.

We have a chat about her experience on Britain’s Got Talent and how their toilets had no window and she couldn’t escape.

We talk about a play that Niamh was recently a part of, Living on the Edge, we spoke about the play, the idea behind it and how she became involved in it.

Finally then we chat about the watered-down comedy on TV and how it’s a sad reflection of the spontaneity of live comedy.

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