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Ryan Bourassa
Ryan Bourassa

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American stand-up comedian, Ryan Bourassa.

We kick off the interview and we get straight into comedy. The comedy scene in Las Vegas has always been a strange one, so I asked Ryan for his opinion on it.

I ask Ryan about the inspiration behind one of my favourites jokes of his, involving Ikea and a baby and how parts of the internet turned on him for it.

We speak about skirting the line between what is offensive and what’s funny and how comedians have to always be aware of it and aware that’s it changes from comedy club to comedy club and from different areas and on top of that with the politicial landscape changing almost daily too.
Ryan also talks about how the same joke can get a completely different reaction from different crowds even on the same night.

We speak about Ryan’s really outstanding podcast Mental Chillness, a solo podcast where he speaks candidly about his battle with Borderline Personality Disorder.
We talk then about the illness and how Ryan has dealt with it since he was diagnosed. He speaks about why he started his podcast and how, for a change, the internet has welcomed it with open arms.

We speak about how I came across Ryan many, many years ago on Twitter and we get speaking then about atheism and why religion is the worst of all the mental illnesses.

We speak about Ryan’s love for the darker elements of comedy and alternative comedy, he also talks about how he talks enjoyment out of being cynical, sarcastic and pissing on the parade.
But he says too that this all comes from honesty and that being honest onstage allows people to identify with him more.

Ryan speaks passionately then about staying true to yourself in comedy and how not selling out and keeping artistic integrity is so important.

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