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Sheraz Yousaf
Sheraz Yousaf

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from English comedian, Sheraz Yousaf.

We get straight into comedy as Sheraz had recently played some roles in a theatre production so I wanted to know was character acting something he’d like to pursue as well as comedy.

We speak about Sheraz’ first gig and a comedy course he took before he took the stage for the first time. We speak a bit then about comedy courses in general, their pros and cons and the strange experience he had on his when a guy made some risque jokes one time and never showed up.

Sheraz regularly releases videos on YouTube, so we speak about them for a bit, his inspiration behind the four different types of videos he puts out and how he got into it.

We talk about how he keeps bumping into old men who have a fascination for one aspect of their local region.

We speak about our shared interest in religion, while neither of us are religious we speak about how we both find the origins of religions fascinating.

We have a chat then about Sheraz’ show The Persuit of Manly-ness. We talk about the main theme of the show, are we as men losing our way and becoming less manly? What is ‘being manly’ even supposed to mean? We delve deep into the topic and discover a few things about ourselves.
Sheraz speaks about how he likes to change the order of the show and how he works on trying to perfect it.

Finally then, we speak about Sheraz’ influences growing up and the type of comedy programmes he was watching in television.

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