Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish Comedian, Steve Bennett.

Steve is Irish comedian of the year so we kick off the podcast by speaking about a tour he’d just completed in Australia on the back of that achievement.

Steve hails from Laois in Ireland, so we speak about growing up there for a bit. Take the train through it though, don’t bother stopping he says.

Before getting into comedy Steve was a teacher, so we speak about that and how he got to live in France for a while thanks to it. While there he documented his life with a very funny web series called Hey France on his YouTube channel.

We speak about how and why Steve got into comedy, and popping two cherries on the night of his first gig.

We speak more about being Irish comedian of the year, the competition. What doors have been opened for him and if he feels any pressure thanks to the award.

We speak about how Steve uses music in his act and we get talking about music comedy albums. And we even get a new tune.

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