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Stuart Black
Stuart Black
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Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from English stand-up comedian Stuart Black.

We kick off the interview in unusual fashion, with a bit of a preamble about who much Stuart reminds me of Britain’s greatest punk poet, Mr. John Cooper Clarke.

We delve into me fiding out I’m lactose intolerant, Stuart says when a man can’t eat cheese a man can’t live. Then he tells me about the impending doom of a butter shortage.
Stuart tells me a little bit then about his Irish roots and I reveal why the Polish thing the Irish and British are inbred.

We get onto Stuart’s Edinburgh Show then, It’s the End of the World as We Know it, he tells me all about the show, what it’s about, where the inspiration came from and of course when and where it’s on during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
We have a chat then about why a late night slot perfectly suits his show. We get talking then about positive ‘morning’ people and why it’s all delusional, sure you feel good watching motivational talks and videos but then you’ve got to go and sit on a bus to work.

We speak about the cycle of growing up and how as we get older we always look down up the new, but Stuart like to look at the madness happening in the world and point and laugh at it.

Stuart talks then for a bit about his particular style of comedy, certainly alternative and definitely dark, and how while we can all watch the world go up in flames it’s important that we don’t just point and say something is shit, but that we laugh at just how completely ludicrous it all is anyway.

He speaks about how he comedy came from a place where he was always trying to break the tension at home, and he believes confronting uncomfortable situations from an early age with humour led him down the road to the comedy he performs now.

This is Stuart Black’s 12th time at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival so we speak about that for a while and all the things he’s learned over the years, and some of his highs and lows over the years, one of the lows including a pretty nasty story about a rat and a seagull.

We speak about Stuart’s comedic influences and how he works on his material.
We speak about what the future holds for the world, and how Stuart is kind of optimistic….kind of.

Stuart Black’s Edinburgh Show: here
Stuart’s Website: here
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