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Tiernan Douieb
Tiernan Douieb

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from English stand-up comedian and satirist, Tiernan Douieb.

We kick off the interview with me telling Tiernan about how I sacrificed a Pavlova date to be with him and then we get into where he gets his awesome name from.

Usually with the podcasts I tend to wait until towards the end before speaking about guests’ podcasts, but with Tiernan I wanted to get straight into it.
Tiernan has a really mighty podcast every week called Partly Political Broadcast. If you have any interested in British politics at all you should subscribe to it because it’s pure mighty. He mixes satire, gags and serious topics absolutely brilliantly so it was really mighty to speak to him about the podcast.

Of course, because the podcast is politically motivated we delved into British politics. We bitch about Theresa May and the Conservatives, Brexit, and the upcoming Scottish dilemma.

The lies on a ‘massive effing bus’ gets a mention as well and Tiernan reveals exactly why he started his podcast and how it helps him to make sense of what’s happening in UK politics at the minute.

We talk about why voter apathy is large among young people and some of the solutions to it. Tiernan brings up Rexit, it involves robots!

We chat about Tiernan’s first gig, how he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep even after it, he also tells me one of the jokes he did that night.
We speak about him doing a comedy course and how when doing it he knew that comedy was what he wanted to do in his life.

We also discuss the thin line between exaggeration and bullshit and how the best comedians thread that line.

Tiernan’s Podcast: Partly Political Broadcast

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