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Turner Sparks
Turner Sparks

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American stand-up comedian Turner Sparks.

We kick off the interview speaking about how he learned to play Gaelic (Irish) football while living in China.

There’s no getting around it, Turner Sparks is a pretty cool name, so we get talking about about our porn star names.

We speak then about Irish Americans and why Americans in general feel the need to identify with the homelands of their ancestors.

We speak about Turner’s role in establishing one of the first English-language comedy clubs in China, the Kung Fu Komedy Club. We talk about how and why Turner moved to China and how after a year he opened an ice-cream truck business. That lasted for 10 years until the Chinese government got involved.

We chat then about how Turner had always wanted to be a comedian and about why he was so eager to set up a comedy club when the chance presented itself.  We get onto the difficulties of running an English-language comedy club in a foreign country, but he also speaks of the doors it opened for him and about flying over English-speaking comedians to perform in China.
We also talk about the challenge of keeping sets interesting for audiences when you gig in front of the same people regularly and how it and of itself it has many advantages and disadvantages.

We talk then about how since returning to America he has found that being able top concentrate on strengthening his act and really honing a set has improved since coming home.

We go full comedy nerd then and speak about the different levels of comedy writing and how the first level is speaking about yourself and not you’re feelings about things and who some people can get trapping into never getting out of that first level of writing.

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