Wayne Carter

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Wayne Carter
Wayne Carter

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Australian stand-up comedian, Wayne Carter.

We kick off the interview speaking about the glamour of stand-up comedy, baked beans for dinner and spring cleaning.

Wayne comes form a small rural area ins Australia, so we speak growing up there and about how it was the kind of place that had ‘one of everybody’.

Wayne’s family ancestry is Scottish-Jewish. Yes, we joke about it.

Wayne regales me with a romantic tale of passion when he first visited Dublin’s fair city.

We speak about how and why he got into comedy and what he remembers of his first gig.

Wayne wears fetching dressing during his set, but Wayne tells me that straight audience think it’s weird, gay audiences think it’s not outlandish enough.

We speak about Wayne’s variety show; Gay Shit, coz it’s Gay and it’s shit….his words.

We speak more about Wayne’s show and how it tries to straddle both the gay and straight world, how it’s both funny and inclusive for both communities and we talk about what he has in store for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Finally then we speak about Wayne’s comedic influence growing up.

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