Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast with British Comedian Ola


Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from British stand-up comedian Ola.

We get straight into things and speak about his YouTube series of videos called Humanise Ola.

We speak about his Nigerian heritage and where his name comes from and how holding onto that heritage is important to him.

We speak about how and why Ola got into comedy and how he used to love downloading comedy when he first got the internet, even though it wasn’t his most downloaded form of entertainment.

We talk about how terrible comedians can be really inspiring.

We spoke about how Ola likes to explore new cultures and his need to learn about new places when he visits them with his stand-up show.

We touch on the topic of race and how when starting out it was both a help and a hindrance being from a minority community.

We speak about a character he used to play Leon Askwith, where the inspiration came from to play an aristocrat with an interest in rap and why more comedians don’t tackle more character roles in their stand-up.

We speak about his reluctance towards social media how it’s all me, me, me, but to be a comic you need to be shameless on it.

We speak about The Sunday Service a comedy night Ola runs every Sunday at The Top Secret Comedy Club in London.

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The Sunday Service at The Top Secret Comedy Club: here


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