Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast with Australian Comedian Yianni Agisilaou

Yianni Agisilaou
Yianni Agisilaou

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Australian stand-up comedian Yianni Agisilaou.

We kick off the interview by speaking about how he once accidentally (so he says) put on his girlfriend’s pair of jeans and it lead to a profound questioning of the differences between men and women.

We get talking then about Yianni ongoing Edinburgh Fringe Festival show then, Pockets of Equality and how those jeans were one of the inspirations behind it. We delve deeper then into the show and speak about the different themes of it and the narrative that ties it all together.
We chat then about gender roles in society and what’s both expected of us and what we’re force to do in society thanks to the bits we’re born with.

We get talking then about the differences in what are perceived as ‘gender roles’ in Western Europe and Britain. Yianni has lived in Britain now for quite a while so I was interested in asking him about this, particularly as there’s a giant stereotype that Australian men are far more macho than their Pomme cousins.

We talk a bit about Yianni’s childhood and thanks to his upbringing he’s always known a lot about women’s rights, feminism and gay rights, all of which he takes very seriously but is able to joke about with great panache too.

We get talking then about the language we use when we slag each other off, how men use derogatory words in the name of, to use that dreaded word, banter. We all know it’s wrong but should we completely stop doing it because if we stop using derogatory words in jest then they become subject we can’t joke about. As you know listeners, I don’t think anything is taboo so it was something I wanted to get to know from a stand-up comedian’s point of view.

We return to gender roles then and we speak about some of the roles that Yianni talks about in his show.

We do something then a little bit different. While researching Yianni I came across a good few interview where he spoke about take a ‘gender roles’ test so we took a ‘how much of a feminist are you?’ test. There were so many things I had no idea about, but thankfully Yianni steered me though choppy waters and know I know a bit more about feminism.

We speak about a previous show of Yianni’s a few years ago, The Simpson Taught Me Everything I Know, so we speak about that since we’re both massive Simpsons fans and Yianni tells a story about how he was in the running to replace Harry Shearer when he was thinking of leaving the programme.

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