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Zahra Barri
Zahra Barri

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from English comedian, Zahra Barri.

We speak about her Irish and Egyptian roots, where she lives in London now and what it was like spending a few years in Saudi Arabia as a child. We talk then about what it was like growing up in a multicultural family.

We chat about comedy writing and how it was writing that lead Zahra into comedy. We talk as well about whether it’s something she wants to pursue in the future.

We have a chat about how comedians evolve and how they have continue to evolve over the years to keep their audience interested and laughing.

We talk about the difference between the on-stage persona and the off-stage persona and about how the person on-stage is a heightened version of the off-stage person.

We natter then about the line in comedy, why it’s OK for men to joke about their penises and wanking but women are slated for joking about vaginas and periods. We talk about how really jokes should be judged on how good they are,
it doesn’t matter if a joke is ‘dirty’ if a joke is good it’s funny, if it’s not then it’s not.

We talk then a bit more about bodily functions, and I get to leave more about something Zahra jokes about; cystitis, or the honeymoon disease as it’s more commonly known as

We talk about Zahra’s writing process then for a bit and how she works on her act.

We talk about Zahra’s upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show, Walk Like an Egyptian (Bar 50, Edinburgh –

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