Farmer Michael, a Butcher’s Apron & Musicals with Misery

We have a belter of a podcast today, joining me as usual is the hilarious Seamus Kelly, we chat about our love for musicals with misery, the butchers apron in Kerry and why Anthony Bourdain was a dude. On top of all that we’re got a Farmer Michael interview, none other than Stevo Timothy.

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We kick off the podcast with a confession we both have regarding redheads and Seamus divulges some personal information about his mental health. Look, let’s lay this out, we don’t have any problems discussing mental health issues on this podcast and we don’t take lightly to people who claim they’re open to talking about issues just to look good. We will talk about them and we’ll go deep on them and by Jaysus we’ll make a mockery of them too.

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We have a wee chat Seamus losing money in the big smoke in Dublin which leads us down a tangent about Barack Obama’s apparent Irish ancestry, which has lead to a shopping centre in rural Offaly being named after him.

Farmer Michael Interview

Let’s get straight into our mammoth interview next. This week we have the

Farmer Michael interview
Farmer Michael & Kathleen

wonderful comedy pair of Stevo Timothy and Sinead Nora McGrath  on to speak about Stevo’s comedy character Farmer Michael. Now if you don’t know who Farmer Michael is, well you need to check out his YouTube channel. He’s been a huge viral hit in Ireland and Britain and I’ve been a fan of his satirical comedy for a long time now and it was a pure delight to have himself and Sinead on the podcast to speak about why Farmer Michael has been a success, why it’s hit home with British audience, their success so far and what the future holds for them.

Back to the gruesome twosome then and Seamus and Spud speak about the coming visit of Britain’s Prince Charles and Lady Camilla (that’s her title?, I’ve no idea) and the furor that it has caused among people who have very little to be doing with their daily lives. They’re kicking up a stink on social media because a car park is being mended which wasn’t going to be and the flying of the Union Jack on some flagpoles in County Kerry.

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Seamus and myself love a musical. Yes, that might be surprising, but we embrace our love for a bit of musicality in films and a bit of tap dancing. But there’s been an awful amount of terrible musicals over the years, especially recently with the likes of Glee and La La Land. Spud admits to never having seen Grease and the discussion turns to him admitting he doesn’t even really like films anymore. Seamus makes a defence for his much-loved art form.

We then speak about the loss of broadcaster Anthony Bourdain to suicide last week and Seamus tells us all about why he was such a huge influence on him and why he’ll be missed. We also speak about how depression is such a turgid affliction and a constant battle for the people who suffer from it.

And finally then we talk about how some stupid EU law could be bringing an end to the 21st century phenomenon of memes.

Huge thanks to Stevo Timothy and Sinead Nora McGrath for the Farmer Michael interview and for coming on the podcast, make sure and follow them in the links above. Speak to yous next week. G’luck.

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