Interview with Jeremy Nicholas, Surf Green & We Want To Get Stuffed When We Die

Jeremy Nicholas, Surf Green Interviews and much, much more!

We have interviews with English stand-up comedian Jeremy Nicholas, Northern Irish band, Surf Green and we chat about getting stuffed when we die and how we’d market the Irish language.

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We have a whopper of the podcast, we have comedian Jeremy Nicholas on to speak about his debut Edinburgh Fringe Festival show After Dinner Stories, we have Northern Irish band Surf Green on to speak about their new EP, 100 Percent and myself and our ever hilarious co host Seamus Kelly speak about Dead Birds on my doorstep and Seamus wanting to be stuffed after he dies so he can watch his wife doing it.

We kick off the podcast and speak about the Irish language and why it should be marketed as the language you can speak around the Brits and they won’t understand what you’re saying.

Jeremy Nicholas

We welcome onto the show Jeremy Nicholas, a former broadcast journalist who is making his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his show, After Dinner Stories. So we speak about his career as a journalist, how he got into stand-up comedy and how he was once held up by a man claiming to be Jesus when doing a breakfast radio programme.

Seamus and I get talking then about something weird going at Spud’s house, dead birds keep turning up at his front door. Now, there’s something strange going on, since moving into the new house dead birds keep turning up around the front door. Is it revenge, someone hates the foreigner, or maybe there’s a rather large cat who’s bringing gifts. The birds keep getting bigger in size too, maybe they’re working up to an ostrich? Or the Chicken from Family Guy?

This brings us onto talking about revenge, I’ll be honest here, most of my day is taken up with thought of revenge fantasies so we speak about who we’ll like to get back from our traumatic childhoods. We get chatting about the bullies and our experiences of bullies back in schooldays. School’s the best days of your life, yea sure it is. If you can say that, you were probably the bully.

Surf Green

Next up on the show we have Northern Irish band Surf Green on to speak about their recently released EP One hundred Percent, we speak about the band’s punk ethos, living in anarchy in Norther Ireland, well, not really anarchy, but you’ll hear and their influences.

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I saw recently there was a Reddit thread about some guy moaning about all the Spanish, Italian and French students that descend upon Ireland to attend summer schools to learn English. Now, it would be very, very easy to rip the piss out of these wee Europeans who seem to know nothing of personal space and all seem to love blasting terrible music from their smartphones; however, if it weren’t for European students coming to Ireland there would be vast swathes of Irish lads who would never sample the highs and lows of summer romances.

Have you ever thought about where you’re going to be buried? Well, in Germany you can win a prize and be buried in one of Hitler’s favourite places. So we get talking about what we want to happen to us after we die. This leads us down tangents of selling our virginity on eBay and why the Facebook marketplace is the only thing on the internet worse than Facebook.

We get chatting about graveyards then and we both profess our undying love for the graves of Irish travellers. They are immense.

Really though, I want to be donated to the local medical university and anything that can be harvested and donated be given away. Seamus though, wants to be stuffed and mounted in the bedroom and will judge his wife’s new partner on their sex endeavours.

Next up the GAA. So, some Irish TD, that’s a member of parliament, has suggested that GAA players should get tax breaks, even though the GAA usually makes millions and millions in profits every year. We’re talking like 30 million euros here and they want the players to get tax breaks. Yea, Ireland baby. Speaking of rural Ireland, there’s a Copper Face Jacks musical. Yes, you read that properly, a musical about Copper Face Jacks, so we get speaking about the famous nightclub and why it’s such a big hit for country folk who have moved to Dublin, and now for even Dubs too.

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