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Lady Slime, Catfishing, Conspiracies & Does it Fart?

Hello and welcome back once again to the Comedy Cast, we’re back with Episode 3 of Season 2. Thanks once again for the massive, huge, magic response to the podcast. We’re delighted with the response and the listenership is almost at the most ever so thank you. Really, from the bottom of our cold, dead hearts, thank you so much. It means the world to us that people like what we’re doing.

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We kick off speaking about the Royal Wedding, but only for a minute or two. Don’t worry, we quickly change the subject to Babestation and their high prices. We speak about what is Britishness and the Israeli army.

Next up we tackle pre-marriage course and Spud tell us all about lady slime. Nuns tell us not to have abortion, there’s one priest less on the playgrounds and rehearsing marriage arguments.

You might know the documentary Catfish, well there’s a television programme called Catfish on MTV too, it’s the same thing, so we speak about that and the recent controversy surrounding its host Nev Schulman recently where he’s been accused of sexual assault.

We change tack then and we get speaking about conspiracy theories, We share some of our favourite ones talk about why they’re so interesting to so many people. For the final section of the podcast then we speak about which animals do and do not fart and Spud’s upcoming trip to Ukraine for the Champions League final.

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