The Bieszczady Mountains

Making a Bieszczady Documentary

Bieszczady Documentary

You get 5 points if you can pronouce Bieszczady. So then, here’s my latest podcast where I speak about making a Bieszczady documentary. It’s one of the last great wild places of Europe and it’s amazing in pretty much every way.

I’ve just back from a two week holiday, well busman’s holiday in Bieszczady. It’s in the south-east of Poland, just like Wexfrod where I’m from but it’s incredibly beautiful. It’s so wild and quiet and full of wildlife. For me, it’s one of the last untamed areas of Central Europe.

Wild bison, wolves, deer, bears and lynx call the area home, not to mention the eagles, peregrines, hawks, owls and storks et al. They took over after the Polish-Ukranian War following World War II. A war that had only losers, so much so that at the end most poeple were moved to cities far away to work in Communist factories.

Bieszczady Mountains Documentary

It’s such a beautiful place and I’ve been playing around with the idea of making a Bieszczady documentary. I want it to be about the area and the people who live there, kind of think of it like it’s going to be half a nature documentary, but with the other half being about how nature influences the lives of people who live there.

This isn’t the sizzle, but kind of a making of the sizzle. I hope you like it.

Thanks for listening/watching. I hope you like it.