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Redundancy, Sex, the Eurovision and Meth

Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Comedy Cast, the world’s favourite comedy podcast…yea, sure.

Join Spud and Seamus as they speak about Spud being fired, Sex, Meth, the Eurovision and an interview with the mighty Aggy Fox.

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The boys have some news! Spud goes and gets made redundant, even though he’d been praising and sharing his undying love for his job last week. Lesson learned kids, don’t love your job because it’ll crush your spirit and leave you paying a mortgage with buttons as you tick down the days until your second child is born.

Seamus tells us about how he’s obviously been doing sex wrongly, so much so that his dear wife has had to take time off work. We speak about the different sexual positions you’re supposed to do to get pregnant and find out we know very few of them.

Next up we speak about the Eurovision even though we’re a week late and maybe we stumble across why Palestine hates Israel so much.

Then we have the great Aggy Fox on the show to speak about his podcast, his love of comedy, battling with anxiety before starting his podcast, who inspires him and his beloved football team, Leicester City.

Finally then we speak about who you’re supposed to take meth, according to a school in New Zealand.

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