Reem Edan

Reem Edan

Reem Edan
Reem Edan

Reem Edan with The Comedy Cast.

We speak about growing up as the daughter of Iraqi immigrants and how it has provided so much material for her comedy,
Her recent involvement in a record-breaking stand-up comedy event
And the importance of knowing what the eggplant/aubergine emoji means.
Oh and she’s also filmed with Elizabeth Banks, all this in less than 2 years in comedy.

We get straight into comedy as Reem had been gigging the night before the interview and we speak about how she works new material into her sets and the LA comedy scene in general.
She speaks too about being asked to join an invite-only stand-up comedy course and what she learned from it, in particular methods that were very useful for setting up joke premises.

We speak about the new phenomenon of corporate comedy classes for team building in companies and Reem’s reaction to it is pretty funny.

We talk then about Reem taking part in a recent record-breaking stand-up comedy event in LA and her part in it.

We speak about growing up as the daughter of Iraqi immigrants to American and how it’s provided her with so much material for her comedy.
As well though, Reem speaks about getting away from using the ‘outsider’ label in her comedy and wanting to write comedy that’s more inclusive rather than pointing out and joking about what makes her different.

A few months ago Reem had a few gigs on this side of the water so I was keen to ask her about some of the differences she noticed between American and British/European audiences.
She also speaks about how she changed her jokes to fit better with British audiences, simple little changes that were really effective.

We speak about Reem involvement with WhoHaHa, a company co-founded by Elizabeth Banks which focuses on women in comedy and how she starred in a short sketch with Banks a while ago.
Remember folks, she’s only at comedy less than 2 years. We speak then about if she’d like to get into more of the writing side of comedy.

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