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The Comedy Cast, Bonus Ep. Leo Varadkar, Azealia Banks & Comedy Awards

Hello everyone Spud Murphy and Ireland’s darkest, most cynical of comedians Seamus Kelly are back with a new Bonus Comedy Cast, comedy podcast episode. Today we’ll be talking about Spud’s not quite near death experience, comedy awards, why Irish leader Leo Varadkar seems to get away with a lot and why Azealia Banks is a gowl.

We kick off the podcast speaking about a couple of health issues. Poor Spud damn near had an asthma attack the morning of the podcast and poor Seamus had to wear duffle coats on rare Irish sunny days coz of his overprotective grandmother.

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Our second topic on the podcast involves an American man who demanded that that some Taiwanese flight attendants go deep on him when he couldn’t wipe his own arse. The man was huge, proper big, 200kg big and wasn’t able to take care of his arse after because the toilets on the flight were so small. He demanded too that the door had to have been kept open otherwise he’d have fainted thanks to the smell. His own smell! Wtf is wrong with the world?

Now Brexit is everywhere and we do try to avoid the topic, but Seamus Kelly wants to challenge Theresa May to a dildo-off. Now, this might be the first time any such challenge has ever been made, will she accept the challenge. And since we’re talking about dildos, Spud has a painful story to tell us about an American student who has to, well, is sit the correct word, let’s say it is, so she had to ‘sit’ on it for two hours because her roommate came home while she was practicing on her new dildo, with suction pad, for her upcoming boyfriend’ birthday.

It’s awards season. And we’re about as excited as a cow going to slaughter. We’re with Ricky Gervais when he tweeted “ “I think it’s a good idea for The Oscars to have no host. No guests and no cameras would be good too. Just tweet the list of winners for anyone who still gives a f***.” Anyway, we think we received some nominations in the comedy.co.uk awards so we have a chat about them and y’know, looking at the nominations you’d think there was a ton of new and exciting comedy on television, but looking deeper into it, there’s an awful amount of things nominated that neither of us have never heard of. And yea, that’s not an excuse, but two comedy nerds like us, you’d think we’d know more of the nominations.


Funny Podcasts

These leads us down a tangent of how god awful the Ross O’Carroll Kelly, the worst thing to happen to Ireland? Maybe, maybe not. And y’know, this gets us talking about how critical we really should be about comedy. Y’know, we can’t like everything and you have to appreciate the work and hard slog that goes into making these programmes for television and for radio but at the same time…well, y’know what we’re saying here, you can’t like everything and there’s certain aspects you’re going to be more critical about than others. We genuinely would like every single piece of comedy on television to be hilarious, but that’s simple not going to happen as comedy is such a broad, subjective beast.


Azealia Banks, is, apparently, a famous rapper. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. Neither of us had heard of her until a few days ago when she lost her head in a London airport because she got off an Aer Lingus plane for some reason that nobody is telling us. Then she went and called all Irish women ugly, harsh, not all of them are ugly, and tweeted out stuff like she was happy the Famine happened etc. Not classy from some nobody who things she’s somebody.


Next up people who aren’t from Dublin were being dicks to Dublin over a flag and they won. The world is a stupid place with stupid people and it seems to be there are currently a whole lot more stupid people than ones with an ounce of intelligence.


Finally then we chat about Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, that’s Prime Minister for the rest of you. He’s kind of untouchable, he just gets away with a lot because he seems like a nice fellow, wears funky socks and goes to Kylie Minogue concerts so that must mean he’s sound, doesn’t it?

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