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Bonus Boner Episode, Footjobs, Tampon, Goat Worshiping, Are You Offended Love?

Hello and welcome to a bonus Boner Episode of The Comedy Cast.

Today on the Comedy Cast, Spud Murphy and Seamus Kelly speak about footjobs, are tampons cotton and goat worshiping, are you offended love, darling, honey, pet, Ken? Ted?

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First off on the best comedy podcast going we have a chat about Spud’s wife not knowing what a footjob is. So next, we question wtf are foot fetishes anyway and y’know, why? Feet are not sexy, they’re not nice and why let her, or him, use their foot instead of their hand, or hands? It’s weird isn’t it? It leads us on to speaking about any fetishes we have and we don’t really have any, well, that’s not true. Seamus says he’s a filthy perv and I believe he sincerely is, but he doesn’t share.

Next up, we have a Seamus’ granny story, involving her travelling to Waterford (oh the glitz!) for charity shopping and thieving toilet paper from public bathrooms. Unfortunately not the nice kind either, the kind that can also be used sandpaper.

We speak for a little bit about Spud’s journey to Ireland to do a bit of documentary filmmaking. While there I filmed a gig that Seamus held in Tralee so we spoke about that and why he wants to get back into running a regular stand-up comedy night in Co. Kerry.

Something that seems to be coming up more and more in comedy circles is people being offended and it was pretty surprising to see that the HSE in Ireland put out a document saying that health professions should stop referring to people by pet names like ‘darling, honey, pet’ etc. Now, this is weird, would you prefer to be told ‘you’re dying of cancer’ or ‘you’re dying of cancer, love.’ Surely these little words make the world a nicer place, or do we all have to learn every single person’s name now, just to avoid the possibility that one person somewhere may get offended because they’re a gobshite? Why’s the world so insane now, surely ta Jaysus we’ve more important things to be worrying about? Or are our lives so comfortable now that we have to seek out things to be annoyed about?

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You’ll have heard by now that some uppity ‘DJ’ had wanted to get the Shane MacGowan Christmas song Fairytale of New York banned, so we made a solid defence for the song and why MacGowan used the word that the ‘DJ’ decided to be offended by on behalf of other people.

This can also be connected with the kerfuffle surrounding Kevin Hart at the minute. We’re no fans of Hart’s comedy on the show but y’know, this thing of people actively seeking out snippets uttered or written by famous people years ago to slaughter them online is a bit, well, sad.

This leads us down a tangent of how children are being raised in Ireland and how when you compare how kids are raised in Europe compared to Ireland and Britain and America then it’s pretty obvious that Ireland, the UK and the US are doing things very, very wrong.

Anyway, to a lighter subject. Apparently tampons are made of cotton. Cotton comes up as it’s Seamus’ cotton wedding anniversary soon, that’s the second one if you’re into that kind of thing. And we have more questions about periods and it becomes apparent, very, very quickly that we know absolutely nothing about female anatomy.

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re both really looking forward to it because it’s the only time of the year when people will be nice to each other on purpose.

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