Rachel Jackson

The Comedy Cast Interview with Scottish Stand-up Comedian Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jackson

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from the mighty Rachel Jackson.

Rachel is a Scottish stand-up comedian from the outskirts of Edinburgh, Babeton to be exact about it and when you’re from a place with ‘babe’ in the name you’re already winning.

At the time of recording Rachel’s mini-TV series had just started to air on BBC 3; Bunny Boiler’s Dating Vlog and will continue to do so until Valentine’s Day, so I’m sure many of you will be seeing it on your screens. We got good and nerdy on it, how it was transformed from an Edinburgh one-woman stage show to a TV mini series and all the processes that went along with that.

We spoke then about the inspiration behind Bunny Boiler’s Dating Vlog, Cassandra (with a C) and we spoke too about how and why Rachel got into stand-up comedy.

We spoke then about being spotted at the Edinburgh Fringe by the BBC and the whole madness of doing an entire month of stand-up comedy at the festival.

We were given the definition of a ‘Bunny Boiler’ too, for anyone that doesn’t already know (I didn’t until a wee while before the interview).

We spoke too about Rachel’s love to making videos and doing sketch comedy, and in particular her sketch videos with BBC Scotland and their Short Stuff collection.

We had a chat too about knowing when to grab an opportunity by the horns and really going for it, in comedy opportunities will present themselves but to get places you really have to put everything of yourself into it, so with Rachel getting her first taste of television it was really interesting to hear her speak about this.

Finally then we spoke about actors being social justice warriors, her comedic influences growing up, as well as now, and what’s in store for Rachel’s future in stand-up comedy.

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