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Allie O’Rourke is our guest today, we speak about being one of Ireland’s only trans stand-up comedians, her Post Performance Pints Podcast in Jesters Comedy Club and why she knowns Marc Maron would go down on her.

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Hello and welcome to The Comedy Cast, this week we have something very special. Allie O’Rourke is our guest today, we speak about being one of Ireland’s only trans stand-up comedians, her Post Performance Pints Podcast in Jesters Comedy Club and why she knowns Marc Maron would go down on her.

We kick off the show speaking about why Donkey Kong is now a trans person. Yes, you read that properly. It’s to do with a Twitch streamer who was raising money for a trans charity, so yea, there you go; Donkey Kong is trans, olé.

We get talking about the podcast, Post Performance Pints Podcast, a podcast she hosts along with Emily Ashmore and Pedro Guerra in Jesters Comedy Club (in Sin É in Dublin) where they interview a headliner after they’ve performed. It’s a funny thing about comedy, many times comedians are even funnier after they come off stage, it’s got to be because the adrenaline is still running and they’re a bit more turned on, or vulnerable or something but it’s a great time to catch comedians for an interview. Check it out here: it’s a belter of a podcast and they’re going to be getting brilliant guest on over the coming months.

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We speak about the shared experience of having bad podcasts and it’s the same as having a bad gig, you have to own it, learn from it and get back up on the horse. We speak for a bit about why podcasts have become such a hit among comedians, the collaboration of it and the knowing that they can be a bit looser than when onstage, they don’t always have to be funny when on a pod but onstage they need to be getting laughs far more often.

We chat for a bit about how comedy has changed in the era of the internet and what comedians can learn from performers who have straddled both periods. As you know I’m a big fan of getting stuff online for people to see so we speak about that and why it is important to get stuff up there but why there is a fear amongst comedians that if they put too much online they’ll burn through material too quickly and maybe run out of material too quickly instead of working on their sets and improving. Which of course is understandable.

We get chatting then about Allie being a trans performed. Now, as far as I know Allie was the only trans stand-up comedian in Ireland and I’m kind of right and kind of wrong. There are some other trans comedy performers but Allie would probably perform stand-up far more than other trans performers who would be more into cabaret performances and things like that. But nonetheless, Allie tells me about other trans comedy performers and y’know, obviously that’s great to see that there are more people performing.

With that then, it’s time to get down to the knitty gritty, recently RTE Prime Time aired a show about trans rights in Ireland. It let to some controversy and protests thanks to them involving comedy writer Graham Linehan (Fr. Ted, Black Books, IT Crowd etc.). Look, obviously Linehan is a fantastic comedy writer, but he’s well known too for his anti stance on trans people. This led to some protests outside the RTE building while the programme was being aired but actually his part in the show was very small. With Allie I wanted to know her opinion on the show and also on the change of law which the show was supposed to be about.

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This of course leads us onto speaking about trans rights in Ireland and Europe. It turns out that Ireland is quite liberal in its laws regarding gender and, a little known fact, Poland seems to be the place to go to for the operations.

I just want to thank Allie for speaking so openly and honestly about trans issues in Ireland, honestly it’s something I know about but don’t know a lot about and I wanted to know more so I can understand the issues facing trans people.

Finally then we speak for a little about recent controversies about trans comments made by the likes of Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson and by comedians such as Louis CK, Tom Segura, Jim Norton and Joey Diaz. Look, freedom of speech is important and comedians know this more than anything but there’s a thin line that is thread between being funny and bullying. The best comedians know how to play with that line.

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