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Hello and welcome to a brand new comedy podcast from The Comedy Cast. This week we have an interview with one of Ireland’s rising talents, the hilarious Chris Kent.

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We speak about his upcoming tour around Ireland, why putting videos of material online is important and why he’d put a pool stick through the ceiling if he were praised.

We kick off the comedy podcast speaking about his upcoming (just started actually) tour of Ireland where he takes in 20 dates around Ireland from the end of January until the end of Match. We ask all about the who, what, where, when and why of taking on so many dates around the island and the challenges he expects along the way. It quickly comes out that he feels like it was the right thing to do, his run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival had gone so well that he wasn’t ready to put that show to bed and with his profile rising in Ireland the time was right to bring the show around Ireland for people who wouldn’t have seen the Edinburgh show.

We speak about the old troupe in Irish comedy that ‘if you want to make it in Ireland, you have to make it in England.’ Chris moved over the England fairly recently so we have a chat about that and as well we speak about the differences between the circuits and what it’s like to have to start over again in England even though you’ve already got quite a good profile in Ireland.

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He talks for a little about something I’d not considered, that some time you need to be a bit careful about promoters, you could be closing big clubs around Ireland and the UK and because they may not have heard of you they’ll try and get you to do trial gigs. That kind of thing is find when you are new to it, but when you’ve done loads of headlines already, sure there’s no need for that kind of treatment.

Chris Kent’s type of comedy is very much that of a story teller, an observant story teller at that. I ask Chris if it was a conscious decision that this was the type of stand-up comedy he wanted to do, or was it that once he started doing gigs he found that he naturally found his style becoming what it is now.

We chat then for a bit about how he adds new parts to his stories while on stage. Obviously with this type of stand-up comedy it’s prepared in advance but I was curious to know about how much is ad lib’ed on nights, does he see something during the day that might be funny and throw it in there to see how it works and things like that.

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We change subject then and speak for a bit about the comedy scene in Co. Cork. It’s been a while now since we’ve had a Cork comedian on the show so I was interested to speak to Chris about it because along with Dublin, Cork’s comedy circuit has exploded with new nights popping up all over the city and county and more and more people are trying their hand at stand-up comedy.

We expand on the topic of local comedy scenes and speak about the positives of it, being able to gang together with like-minded local people who can carve out a niche or do some filming or writing together, the only drawback being that maybe it can become insular and you can become too comfortable.

We natter for a bit about Chris’ former career as an electrician in Cork. The comedy had been going very well for Chris but I wanted to find out what was the final push that made him give up real world work for the glamour of stand-up comedy and he tells me about how he misses the work and wouldn’t mind doing it at all.

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Chris Kent is a rarity among Irish stand-up comedy, he actually uploads a fair chunk of his material to the likes of YouTube and Facebook. As you’ll know by now I’m not a fan of the argument that people won’t go to gigs if they know material, actually I think it’s the complete opposite.  So we have a chat about the importance of putting footage online these days and the challenges of recording gigs, finding good rooms with good sound and ones that will have a good visual etc.

We get back to the tour then and something I wanted to ask Chris was about the positive reviews he gets and does it lead to him feeling any pressure that he receives the praise of his peers and the press and how does he make sure to keep challenging himself when writing and onstage. He tells a great example of how he deals with praise, he doesn’t seem to like it at all and seems to focus rather on the negatives to motivate himself.

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