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Today on The Comedy Cast we speak to CodyMakesNoise, otherwise known as Cody Montgomery. We speak about his hilarious Instagram videos and viral comedy, the Catch 22 of open mic nights and his love for surreal elements in comedy.

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We kick off the internet and Cody tells me that our perception of just how perverted Craig’s List really isn’t even though we all think it is, the real weirdos hang out on something called Backpage. We speak then about all of these types of things that have gone to the internet and we both rement the fact that we found our women before things like Tinder came along.

We get speaking then about dating and how it’s just a strange thing. Growing up in 1980s Ireland dating didn’t exist, it just happened on stuff like Saved by the Bell and it would seem like it was the same in the states. People just met in bars. Good times. Well, not always. Cody tells me about a time an ex-prisoner got into a fight with another girl at an Irish bar over Cody. Far more interesting than a Tinder story. It ends in a graveyard. Spooky sex,

We have a chat then about how I came across Cody on Instagram so we speak about his material on Instagram and how he comes up with the material, why he does it on Instagram and why he things that Instagram best suits both his type of comedy and his personality. What I really liked was that Cody works on his material in these daily videos and then tries them when he performs stand-up around LA.

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We get talking then about the difference between the mediums then and why something can work and be hilariously funny on, say, Instagram and get tons of likes and shares and y’know, go somewhat viral, but then the same joke can totally bomb at the comedy club that night and the opposite way around.

We speak for a bit about then about the LA comedy scene and how it’s been changing over recent years in particular. Bookers, promoters and even Hollywood film producers are paying far more attention now to people who are making noise online. Of course in a place like Hollywood it’s still pretty difficult to get stage time in some places but if you can make some noise online and get some traction there and get a little scene or some hype around yourself it can really help you get more stage time with some bookers.

We speak then about something that’s come up a bit lately, creating your own scene to get more stage time. And while there’s plenty going on in the LA scene at the minute we speak about if more comedy can be put on there and this gets us talking about the state of open mic night pretty much everywhere and the catch 22 of, y’know, they’re a great place to perform and get stage time and work on material but the thing is is that you’re rarely performing for proper audiences, you’re performing for people who are waiting for their turn to work on their material and get stage time. Basically, you’re practicing in front of the wrong people. Like playing football with a baseball team.

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We go back in time then and we speak about why and how Cody got into comedy and what it was about performing onstage and trying to get people to laugh that really suit him and his personality. We speak too about how his Instagram has changed over the years, if you go a good creeping sessioning you’ll see that Cody’s gone from posting up songs, to drawing tattoo-style art to doing comedy in his car.

Cody speaks about the huge difference between performing comedy and being in a band and how doing stand-up is much more of an personal artform the joy and pleasure it brings from making people laugh.

We get talking too about learning to become confident in your comedy and that, for example, if you have two different comics making the same jokes, the one who is confident in the delivery will get the more laughs. Cody speaks about how he’s learned since starting his videos and performing in front of people that making people laugh with him and telling jokes that he finds funny is far better than trying to write material that he thinks people will like.

Next up there’s an element of the bizarre and surreal in Cody’s comedy that I really enjoy and think is hilarious. For example, there was one about a dolphin’s clit and y’know, I’d be an idiot not to ask him about it, where does this love for the surreal come from and why is it important for him to embrace the weirdness both in life and in comedy.


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