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The Comedy Cast with Evil Dick (Richard Aiken)

Hello and welcome to The Comedy Cast, comedy podcast. Today we have an interview with American stand-up comedian Evil Dick, Richard Aiken. We speak about starting out in comedy as a tribute to his brother, going from being a meth fiend to getting his life on track and and how he got the name, Evil Dick.

We kick off the podcast and we have a chat about where social media seems to be at the minute and how the world has been affected by it. Richard tells me that him being a bit older than most of the users of social media he has a good perspective on it and that he loves the fact that you can learn so much about the wider world from people on social media. Unfortunately though, that’s countered with the amount of horrible, nasty trolls we see online.

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We speak too a little too about why younger people seem to have a far better grip on social media than us old fogies. Indeed, recently some research was put out saying that older people are terrible at spotting fake articles while young people are far more savvy about the whole thing. Y’know, really we the entirety of human knowledge in our pockets, not a dick joke, on our phones yet for some reason so many of us waste our time on cat videos and obscure anime memes. But Evil Dick is hopeful that the tide will turn and that people will continue to learn and the human thirst for knowledge will save us from oblivion.

With a name like Evil Dick then, y’know, I had to ask him. And I don’t like asking questions to the likes of bands and groups about where they got their name but y’know, when someone has a stage name like Evil Dick you really have to ask, don’t you? Richard tells a story about how and why he got the name and how he’s embraced the name and how it helped him become the person who he is now. Richard’s a no nonsense, straight talking man who cuts through the bullshit to try and get a black and white picture of things. That can come across ‘dick-ish’ but he has helped him become the person he is and to totally know and be who you are you need to accept those kinds of things.

Richards speaks for a bit about the harsh upbringing he had, parents who dealt drugs and how because drug addicts would have to sell consoles to pay off their debts to them he’d always have the latest consoles and games. He tells a story too about taking LSD when he was a young kid, waking up hungry one night and thinking he was about to eat some candy. He says it changed his way of thinking from that way forward and says that’s why he see the world the way he does.

We have a good chat about how Richard has changed over the years and has gone from being a meth fiend to the man he is today. You can fall into a cycle of despair and bad fortune and it can take something terrible happening before you can change your mindset and get out of terrible situations and change your life for the better.

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We speak a bit the about the confrontational style of comedy Evil Dick has, why he sees the world the way he does and where it comes from. He tells me more about growing up the son of drug dealers and the profound effect it had on him growing up and moving around the country and why it lead to him questioning why his life was going the way it was and why it needed to change.

We get talking then about his first steps into comedy with the Uncle Ed Variety Show, Ed standing for Evil Dick, and how actually it was started as a tribute to his brother who died. He wasted to give his brother a good send off and doing a comedy variety seemed the way to do it. It was supposed to be a one off but thanks to its success it became a regular thing and Richard continued in comedy.

We speak about how he was a regular at the Comedy Store in LA as well and his involvement with The Ding Dong show that is on every Monday in the LA Comedy Store. He’s no longer involved but I still wanted to know more about it.

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