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Hello and welcome to The Comedy Cast, on this week’s episode we speak to Australian stand-up comedian Grant Buse. We speak why Australian humour does so well in our part of the world, sex, and being a sex ed teacher for kids with autism and some of the hilarity that goes with that and, what you can learn from getting a bad review.

We kick off the interview just by quickly mentioning Christmas as Grant had just experienced his first British Christmas. We also mention some commonality between us, the fact that we’re both immigrants who left our homelands for work so we speak a little about why Grant wanted to move to Britain rather than, say the USA. We talk for a little about some of the differences between stand-up comedy audiences in Australia and Britain. In particular Grant mentions that the Scots seem to have a more similar kind of sense of humour to the Aussies and that the English were a little more difficult to crack at first.

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The one massive advantage that Britain holds over Australia in stand-up comedy terms is just the amount of comedy gigs and comedy nights that happen all over the country, while in Australia you pretty much need to trek over an entire continent to put a string of gig together.

We have a little chat then about just why Australian comedy seems to work so well in Britain and Ireland and it’s that Australians have made a past time out of taking the mickey out of each other and that obviously is something that sits well with us lot from the edge of Western Europe.

When Grant’s not performing comedy he works as a sex education and music teacher for children on the autism spectrum. We speak about how and why he got into that line of work and some of the commonalities that teaching and stand-up comedy share. He shares a hilarious story about an autistic kid who wasn’t able to touch his toes during a PE lesson early in his teaching days and he also speaks about him being offered the sex ed. Class when at the same time he was writing a sex-themed Edinburgh Fringe Festival show.

Consent is a common theme that has popped up in Grant’s comedy over the years and I wanted to speak a bit about this with Grant so we delve into the topic and get to the bottom of why it’s such an important thing to learn about. We speak too about people being open about their sex lives and how open really they should be and who they should be open about it with.

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We get back to comedy then and turn back the clock to when Grant first started doing stand-up comedy. There’s another sex element in here too, but you’ll need to listen to find out. A huge part of Grants’ sets are his musical numbers too, so we speak about why learning guitar was one of the best things he ever did and why he loves performing his music for new audiences all over Britain and back home in Australia.

We speak about a couple of elements of Grant’s shows then, in particular about audience interaction during a part of his shows when he speaks about sex with them. We talk about some of the funniest and weirdest things he’s heard while onstage.

Finally then we speak about his shows being reviewed. Grant has won a ton of awards, especially back home in Australia. We speak about what can be learned from positive and negative reviews and Grant tells a great story about the time he got a bad review and how it helped him take a fresh look at a show that wasn’t quite working and how it then went on to win awards.

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