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Greg Corcoran is today’s guest on The Comedy Cast. We speak about his new film The Flight to Memmingem; A darkly comic relationship drama, The Flight to Memmingen tells of the rise and tragic demise of standup comedian Dave Murphy. He just wants some peace to write his famine sitcom, but at what price?

On The Comedy Cast today we welcome Irish filmmaker Greg Corcoran to speak about his new dark comedy, The Flight to Memmingem. We also speak about the vibrant comedy scene in Dublin, why films tend to come together during the shoot and why us Irish are able to laugh at the bleakness of reality.

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We kick off the interview and we speak about the ‘troublesome’ title and why he went with Memmingem as the flight’s destination, this leads us into a discussion on why us Irish are able to laugh at bleakness. It’s something we share with the Scots, the Icelanders and the Swedes and Norwegians share it too, so what is it about these five cultures that we’re able to make fun of what others would despair over? Maybe it’s alcohol related, maybe because we’ve all been colonised at some point or maybe we just have to find the humour otherwise sure we’d go a bit mad thinking about it so much.

We touch on the topic then of confidence amongst ourselves as the difference between people of my generation (born in the 70s and 80s) and the people born around the year 2000 and the unbound confidence that the younger people seem to have, whereas we were afraid of our own shadows. As Greg says in the price, hopefully we’re seeing ourselves coming out of our shells and learning to express ourselves better.

We return to the film then and speak for a moment about the two comedians it stars. Both have appeared on the show in the past; Martin Angolo and Ger Staunton. Ger is the main star of the film, playing stand-up comedian Dave Murphy while Martin plays the part of a comedy club MC. So we speak about how they both became involved and why they were both perfect for the roles they played. Look, yous all know by now how much I love both Ger’s and Martin’s comedy (and their podcast: here and to see both of them getting roles in a film like this is so great for both of the comedians and for Irish comedy in general.

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We speak a bit about how the comedy scenes were filmed too, in particular we speak about whether the comedians ad-libbed their comedy bits and about how the guys had to hit certain points for the story in their sets. The crowd in the scenes weren’t aware of what they were going to see which obviously adds authenticity to the scenes as well.

We speak about the Irish comedy scene then for a bit and y’know, I don’t like repeating questions too often on the podcast but like myself Greg is an outsider looking in and while it’s probably better to get the opinion of people on the inside it’s also worthwhile to get the opinion of people like Greg who are fans of the scene and who can make good use of the scene too with him being a filmmaker.

We speak a little too about why Irish comedy, while being very vibrant in a live sense, isn’t getting the same love on the small screen in Ireland.

Finally then we speak about his hopes and goals for The Flight to Memmingem and what the future holds for Greg as a film director and producer.

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