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Today on The Comedy Cast we speak to Irish stand-up comedian Keith Fox, we talk about loving devilment in comedy, his hilarious Instagram stories and the characteristic is almost shared with Friedrich Nietzsche.

I laughed so much during this interview, go and see Keith if he’s gigging in your area, he’s such a funny man.

G’luck, enjoy the interview.

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We kick off the podcast and get the lowdown on the upcoming tour that Keith is taking on with Ireland’s very own Martin Angolo. The two lads are traipsing all over Ireland for a wee tour bringing their comedy to the masses around the country and bringing it to the people.

We get speaking about the challenge of putting on a show material-wise. Keith tells me that he wants to write new stuff for the material so that you’re not always relying on old material. And while, yes everyone does dip back into their best stuff from time to time it’s good to keep things fresh for yourself and for the people who are coming back to see you.

We get talking too then about comedy in rural Ireland. Keith is from Tullamore in Co. Offaly and has previously put on comedy nights in the town so we have a wee chat about putting on comedy nights in towns where there isn’t really any comedy outlet.

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Next then we have a chat about Keith’s particular type of comedy. Look, watching Keith’s videos online he just comes across so relaxed and kind of flippant or nonchalantly, is that a word? Is now. Anyway, I ask Keith about how did he come to realise that slowing down on stage and giving off a relaxed attitude was the best way of delivering his unique jokes.

This leads us on to speaking about any bad habit he picked up when he was starting out in comedy, y’know, trying to shock people into laughing, being an angry type of comedian and really just kind of copying your influences rather than trying to find your own voice.

Well fall down another tangent then of speaking about ‘shock comedy’ and why new comedians fall into the trap of copying the likes of Bill Hicks, Frankie Boyle and Bill Burr, etc. and we kind of come to the conclusion that if you’re going down that route you have to be very good because you can run the risk of alienating a crowd and even promoters won’t want you back after a bad bombing.

Devilment then, devilment is a thing we all love a bit of in Ireland and it’s not so easy to explained to a non-Irish person. It’s kind of like throwing out a grenade and seeing where it goes, not for badness, but just for the fun of it. It’s kind of like rattling cages, but only to rattle them to see if there’s anything in them, it’s not to upset the birds. You get me?

We speak for a bit about how careful you have to be when writing in comedy. Keith says something along the lines of while attending open mics you can almost tell what comedian the person on stage last saw on television. But he says that the best way to see if you’ve unpurposely picked up something from someone else is to ask your friends in comedy and get their opinion.

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We get talking about what Keith does to get the comedy mind going if he’s in a funk. His way is really interesting and I think it’s great advice for anyone suffering from a bit of writer’s block.

We speak then about the nature of collaboration. Keith is good friends with a couple of former guests on the podcast so I ask him if there’s ever been any temptation to put their heads together and write something together.

I’m a huge fan of Keith’s Instagram stories and why they suit him and his humour so much. So we speak about for a while and in particular I wanted to know why he likes the temporary nature of these wee videos only lasting 24 hours.

Keith had told me before that he finds the internet both interesting and conflicting. So I wanted to get to the bottom of why.

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