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Today on The Comedy Cast we speak to Irish stand-up comedian Neil Ferriter. We speak about a Kerry dolphin with a Leeds United tattoo, what you need to learn from bombing onstage and why making people laugh is just a cool thing to do.

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We kick off the show speaking a little about Neil’s background, brought up in Dublin but very much a son of Kerry. So we get talking about one of Kerry’s most famous residents, well, kind of resident, Fungi the dolphin. Is it the same dolphin, how long do dolphins live, he has a tattoo? What?

So then I ask Neil about how and why he got into comedy. And even though he was quite reluctant to begin with thanks to the constant encouragement, or harangement from them, he took the plunge and finally took the stage. He tells a great story about the first time he died on his arse. He knows the reason behind why he’d started to bomb after after some great gigs to begin with and took the lesson to heart, toughened him up and made him want to be better and make people laugh.

For a bit then we speak about y’know just how cool stand-up comedy is. Like, it’s a person getting up in front of strangers and thinking I’m going to make you all laugh and make your night funnier than it was before I got on stage. It’s such a cool thing to do and fair play to every single person out there who tries it.

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We get sidetracked then and end up talking about one of Neil’s other passions surfing and before we know it we’re talking about why Polish guys wears speedos instead of proper swimming shorts.

Before he got up on stage the first time Neil done a stand-up comedy course in Dublin, so we have a chat about that and the kinds of things he learned on the course and what he still uses when performing.

The last time I was in Ireland I met Neil at a gig so we get talking about, y’know, while Ireland is a small country, it’s not really easy to get around to many places and it’s certainly not fast. So, I asked Neil about how he makes sure that performing around the country doesn’t turn into a slog.

Neil turns the tables on my then and he asks me about the podcast and why I don’t try stand-up. I wasn’t ready for it. But sure I didn’t shy away.

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Next up we speak about some of the fears you have to face as a stand-up. Neil says he’s afraid that he’ll make fun of the wrong public figure and end up getting a dig some night, but then again you have to be able to have a laugh y’know, it’s just jokes and people who take offense really shouldn’t be anywhere near comedy clubs.

We get to talking then just about the wealth of talent on the Irish comedy circuit at the minute. And we have a little moan about why the powers that be on television and radio don’t take more notice, but the good thing is at least with the internet people have a place to put their material. We speak too about social media and just how much of a pain in the ass it is. And it really is, social media is horrible. Everyone wants attention and nobody pays attention.

Finally then we speak about what’s going to happen next for Neil and it’s some great news, along with him helping set up The Comedy Corner in Kehoes pub in Dublin, he’ll also be hosting a new comedy night in The Landmark pub in Dublin starting very soon.

Neil Ferriter

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