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Hello and welcome once again to The Comedy Cast. On this episode we speak to Irish stand-up comedian, Smurphy. We speak about the joys of pirate radio, starting a new open mic night in Waterford and a whole world of advice for people thinking of getting into stand-up.

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We kick off the episode swapping stories about what it’s like having common names, names so common that in the past I’ve received messages for Smurphy because people confuse us a fair bit.

Now, yous might have heard of me talking about the wee village I’m from in Wexford called Taghmon and I was pretty much floored when Smurphy told me he know it and not only knows it, he regularly does music gigs down there. That leads us onto speaking about his podcast, The Thirsty Thursday, which is also broadcast on Waterford’s pirate radio station, OpenTempoFM.

As a kid I’d always wanted a job in pirate radio, not normal radio, the reason being you could play the music you actually like and not the pop crap, but anyway, I wanted to find out as much as I could about modern-day pirate radio stations and how Smurphy makes his show work. He reveals that having a cast of regular contributors ensures that it stays fresh and funny. Something I’d love to do on the podcast too, but yeah, we’ll see.

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Next up we speak about what local comedy is like down in Waterford, where people can get gigs if they want to try it out and where regularly performing comics can gig down there and if there’s any avenue for people to see stand-up on a regular basis at all. It’s good timing for us here because Smurphy has just started a new regular open mic night in the city.

We speak about some of the older gig he used to run in Waterford, the first being Half Cut comedy, so we speak about that for a bit, some of the highs and lows of it and what he learned from the experience.

Putting on comedy in smaller cities or more rural towns isn’t the easiest of things to do, but Smurphys been at it for a while now and he gives some advice on what to do to get people in the door. Some great ideas here folks so make sure and listen as it’s solid gold.

We get speaking then a bit about the nature of comedy and how everyone has it within themselves to be funny, but it’s the wanting to do it that sets it apart from those who get into it. This gets us talking to about people needing to put themselves out there more if they want to find success or make a name for themselves on the comedy circuit. Y’know, nobody is going to look for you and give you gigs at the beginning, you’re going to have to chase people up and get to know people and put in the hours before people start to even remember your name. The craft of comedy is the most important but there’s a whole ton of graft involved too.

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Next up we change direction a bit and we speak about music in comedy. Smurphy’s been known to bring a guitar up on stage from time to time and as well he’d been in bands since the age of 13 so I wanted to know a bit about his opinions on music in comedy.

While researching questions to ask Smurphy I came across his old blog where he used to write about his early days in stand-up comedy. There was one post in particular I wanted to ask him about. It was about doing one of his first gigs in Dublin and he wrote about how different and difficult it was compared to gigging at home. So we speak about the article and about what he’s learned on the topic since then.


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