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We’ve put together 3 Best of Episodes to celebrate what a mighty year we’ve had at The Comedy Cast. Continue reading The Comedy Cast, Best of 2018 Podcasts

Billy Connolly, Garrett Millerick & Joe Kelly, Irish Women’s Hockey & Morning Horns

On the Comedy Cast this week Billy Connolly is our Legend of Comedy. We have English stand-up comedian Garrett Millerick on to speak about his latest Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show Sunflower, we have guitarist Joe Kelly formerly of Welcome Back Delta and now of UpShot to speak about both bands and myself and Seamus speak about why Irish people now love women’s hockey and we also ponder on morning erections.

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We kick off the podcast speaking about why a morning glory isn’t really a proper boner, it’s just a piss horn. We have to record in the morning this week and we speak about whether anything interesting ever happens in the morning. Some people love mornings, then again some people love Donald Trump so obviously some people are morons.

Next up we speak about the death of BBC entertainer Barry Chuckle at the age of 73. Amazingly Seamus had never heard of the Chuckle Brothers so I have to fill him in on the much-loved children’s entertainer. We get chatting then about what’s inevitably going to happen with the British media, they’ll try to dig up some dirt on the dead celebrity and we somehow end up having a disagreement about political correctness.

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Next up we have our first interview with English comedian Garrett Millerick. Garrett is currently up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival performing his new show Sunflower. Garrett’s had a tough year to say the least but putting together his new show for this year’s Fringe has helped him to deal with what him and his wife went through. We speak a bit about him formerly running a comedy club and why sometimes the best comedians are miserable.

Back then to myself and Seamus and we have a chat about the Irish women’s hockey team. You may have heard that they came second in the world at a recent tournament, but can we really celebrate a team that loses 0-6 in the final? Can we really get behind a team that has Ireland’s Call as their anthem instead of the proper Irish national anthem? And anyway, isn’t hockey for snobs? Yea, look, well done and all but jaysus lads, give up with the bandwagon crap, are yous so desperate to win that you’ll only shout for a team that’s winning? Maybe that’s why Ireland has so many Manchester United fans and why we don’t attend our our football league enough, we’re a nation of glory hunters and fair-weather fans.

Baby names are next, we choose some baby names and we follow the instruction on this article. It’s ludicrous but sure that’s what we’re here for.

Joe Kelly is a former guitarist with the blues/metal rock band Welcome Back Delta and he’s our next guest. We have a chat about the highs and lows of the band’s career and we speak about his exciting new band UpShot.

Billy Connolly

Finally then to finish up the podcast we have our Legends of Comedy section. This week it’s none other than the one and only Billy Connolly. Billy Connolly is a huge shared hero of ours so it was so good to get to speak about him and his influence on stand-up comedy.

We speak about the emotional and physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and his sisters growing up in Glasgow. His career as a welder before starting a folk band with two friends, one of which being Gerry Rafferty (yes, Baker Street), the Humblebums. This led him into comedy and from the release of his first comedy album in 1973 it went from strength to strength in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Billy Connolly starred in almost 40 films and many television programmes. We speak about his diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease and how he’s spoken about the condition since finding out he had it.

We speak too about the highlights of his career and some of his best jokes as well.

So folks, that’s it then, thanks for listening, check out our social media links below and tell your mates all about our wee podcast. G’luck.

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