The Comedy Cast with Dan Zerin

Today on The Comedy Cast we have Icelandic stand-up comedian Dan Zerin. We speak about Dan being a pizza terrorist in Iceland, his show My Voices Have Tourettes and why American tourists are just the best ever.

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We kick off the interview speaking about Iceland, yes it’s a bit predictable but we all have this wonderful impression of how beautiful Iceland is and the little people and Sigor Ros etc. so I had to ask Dan about whether Iceland has anything bad going on at all. Dan’s answer? The President of Iceland wants to ban pineapple on pizza.

We speak then for a bit about the stand-up comedy scene in Iceland and how of late it has become so strong. Dan puts the success down to the influx of tourists into Iceland meaning there’s so many more people around who want to be entertained and stand-up comedy is one of the best ways to get punters into bars.

Dan runs a comedy club at The Secret Cellar in Reykjavík. We speak for a bit about the pros and cons of performings in front of a crowd of mostly tourists all the time and how you need to be on top of your game to be able to adapt your act to the different crowds. And, of course, we speak about some experiences we’ve both had with American tourists in particular.

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Dan also runs a night called My Voices Have Tourettes, a stand-up show that features comedians with disorders and syndromes to help raise awareness in a fun way, so we speak about that for a bit and I also ask Dan about his torrents, how he deals with it, how he discovered he had it and I just want to thank Dan for speaking openly and honestly about having the disorder.

We get back to comedy then and we speak about another show Dan is involved with called Seat Filler, a live panel-show type of comedy show that also takes place at The Secret Cellar that has also been packing in the tourists since its inception not too long ago.

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