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The Comedy Cast, Best of 2018, Part III

Hello once again, we’re back with our final Best of 2018 episode. Welcome to the comedy podcast, The Comedy Cast, Best of 2018, Part III.

On today’s episode you’ll hear some of the best bits of the Comedy Cast and the fun between cohosts Spud Murphy and Seamus Kelly and some of the best bits from interviews with some of the best up-and-coming stand-up comedians from all over the world.

We hope you all have a mighty Christmas and a Happy New Year too.

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Boner Episode, Roast Battles, Comedy Snobbery & Parenting Existentialism

Welcome to a Boner, Bonus Comedy Cast episode. Spud Murphy and Seamus Kelly chat about Roast Battles, comedy snobbery, UFC and an existential parenting crisis.

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We kick off the podcast speaking about just how friendly and sincere Americans are compared to us begrudging Irish. Being fake nice is better than being miserable, sometimes it’s perfectly fine to fake it, just ask every single woman ever.

Comedy is where is start our first topic, well Roast Battles is the first topic. Recently headlines were made in New Zealand following the appearance of Rose Matafeo’s on the new Comedy Central television programme, Roast Battle. A New Zealand newspaper alleged racism on the part of her counterpart Naz Osmanoglu so we have a chat about the relatively new phenomenon of roast battles, especially here in Europe.

We speak about what is and isn’t allowed to be joked about in these battles and why really they are the most perfect of situation comedies. The outrage nation is spoken about of course and sure you probably know fairly well by now but here at The Comedy Cast we’re firm believers that when you boil it down there are only two types of jokes; good and bad.

It’s old news now but we have a wee chat about the recent UFC 229 event where Ireland’s Conor McGregor lost to Russia’s Khabib Nurmagomedov. We’re not huge fans of UFC or MMA in general but we speak about the effect McGregor has had on Ireland and on the sport.

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Snobbery in comedy is a massive topic and recently I came across a massive Reddit thread on snobbery among book readers and I’ve no problem admitting I’m a book snob. I look down on adults who read teenage fiction such as Harry Potter, Twilight, the Hunger Games etc. and the whole 50 Shades of Grey tripe too. But I know I shouldn’t and really it should be each to their own, but still, y’know, isn’t it just human nature to be snobbish about certain things? What are you snobby about? It could be football. Irish football suffers from this hugely, Irish football fans prefer watching the English Premier League over their local teams.

To finish off we speak about an existential parenting crisis Spud is going through and whether he’s teaching his child to avoid people just because he does.

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