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Tinder Toilet Roll, Kim + Elton & Tiernan Douieb Joins us too

Today on the Comedy Cast, we speak to one of England’s finest political comedians Tiernan Douieb of the Partly Political Podcast about the shenanigans going on across the water in Merry Old England. Of course the ever hilarious Seamus Kelly is here too and we have a laugh about toilet roll on Tinder, a tinder podcast, meaningless wedding vows and the Kim Jong Un’s love for Elton John.

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We kick off the show and we have a chat about Seamus’ return to stand-up comedy with his charity gig that happened last week. He’s on a roll too, Seamus has another couple of gigs booked so we have a chat about how he’s preparing for them.

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Next up with have the brilliant Tiernan Douieb returning to the show. Tiernan is one of the UK’s best political stand-up comedians so with the shenanigans of Brexit but the euphoria of the overachieving England team, as well as his return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival coming up it was the perfect time to ask him to come back on the show.

Next up we get talking about some poor lady on Tinder who’s been getting abuse on Tinder for not hanging her toilet roll properly. So we ask the question, how do you hang your toilet roll and is there really a proper way?

A Nigerian preacher told his flock he was bullet proof, so he tested the theory.

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We get speaking about the importance of words to the lads and they have a bit of a disagreement of their importance. Do wedding vows really mean anything? If you see something on Facebook from someone defending moths, are these words of equal value?

We speak about It’s Coming Home and where the idea comes from, what is really coming home? The World Cup, sure that was invented by Jules Rimet and took place in Uruguay in 1930. Even the trophy that England won in 1966 was different than the one you can win now so that’s not coming home. Did England invent football? The English FA gave a game rules but games played using feet have been around for centuries and centuries.

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Comedy Podcast | Weekly Roundup 26-5-17

Another mighty week at Comedy Cast Towers.

On Monday I had the please of hosting an English comedian that I’m a massive fan of, Tiernan Douieb. Tiernan’s been doing stand-up for a few years now and he hosts the brilliant Partly Political Podcast, a weekly podcast where he tries to make some sense of the mental political landscape of the UK.

It’s such a great podcast, you’ll all know by know I’m quite political and I’m with Tiernan when he says that they should all be lambasted and made fun of, because they’re all morons…well, not quite his words, but you get what I mean.

You can listen to the podcast here, or you can watch it on YouTube below:


On Wednesday I put out another episode of Trailer Trash, taking a look at the new Spider-man film:

On Thursday then I got to speak to Irish actor and comedian Tom Moran, he’s just brought out his own web series called Fix Me, check it out and he hosts the mighty podcast, Personality Bingo over on the Headstuff Network.

We had a great chat about comedy and acting and his involvement with the Facts YouTube guys.

Listen here or watch below:


And finally then, my roundup of what’s gone viral on the Internet this week:




Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast with English Comedian Tiernan Douieb

Tiernan Douieb
Tiernan Douieb

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from English stand-up comedian and satirist, Tiernan Douieb.

We kick off the interview with me telling Tiernan about how I sacrificed a Pavlova date to be with him and then we get into where he gets his awesome name from.

Usually with the podcasts I tend to wait until towards the end before speaking about guests’ podcasts, but with Tiernan I wanted to get straight into it.
Tiernan has a really mighty podcast every week called Partly Political Broadcast. If you have any interested in British politics at all you should subscribe to it because it’s pure mighty. He mixes satire, gags and serious topics absolutely brilliantly so it was really mighty to speak to him about the podcast.

Of course, because the podcast is politically motivated we delved into British politics. We bitch about Theresa May and the Conservatives, Brexit, and the upcoming Scottish dilemma.

The lies on a ‘massive effing bus’ gets a mention as well and Tiernan reveals exactly why he started his podcast and how it helps him to make sense of what’s happening in UK politics at the minute.

We talk about why voter apathy is large among young people and some of the solutions to it. Tiernan brings up Rexit, it involves robots!

We chat about Tiernan’s first gig, how he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep even after it, he also tells me one of the jokes he did that night.
We speak about him doing a comedy course and how when doing it he knew that comedy was what he wanted to do in his life.

We also discuss the thin line between exaggeration and bullshit and how the best comedians thread that line.

Tiernan’s Podcast: Partly Political Broadcast

Tiernan Douieb’s Twitter: here

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