My name is Spud Murphy and I’ve decided to bring you The Comedy Cast. I started this podcast because I wanted to shine a light on all the comedians working hard in the world of comedy to make punters laugh and forget the outside world for a few minutes every time they gig.

I’m a massive comedy fan, but I’m also a massive fan of ‘the new’ as I call it. What I mean is that I’m the kind of person that would rather see 10 new comedians once, than to see the same “mega-famous” comedian 10 times. There’s so much comedy out there right now and I hope I can showcase that through this podcast.

Warning, I’m not a stand-up comedian. I’ve never tried it and I probably never will. However, having played in bands growing up I know what it’s like to entertain people from the stage. The butterflies in your stomach, the fear of dying on stage, and the elation of knowing the crowd are enjoying your creations. I listen to loads of comedy podcasts (probably too many), and with mine, I wanted to make one where the guests were the center of attention.

I studied journalism in college, ran a music review website, and freelanced for a few years, so I’m coming at this podcast with a journalistic eye. I want to bring as much new comedy to people as possible; be it stand-up comedians or comedy writers/directors etc., and I also want to give interviews that aren’t just fluff and licking comedians’ asses. I want to get to know the how, who, what, and why  behind each comedians’ personal stories.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, if you’d like some options on how to subscribe here’s a post on just how to do so.

The podcast will be coming out on Thursdays at around 8pm Central European time. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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