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Adam Grabowski
Adam Grabowski

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast. Today you’ll be hearing an interview with the ultra-talented American stand-up comedian Adam Grabowski

Adam has to be one of the hardest working comedians at the moment in the states, now and again he gets a day off and I was lucky enough to get to interview him.

We spoke about life on the road and how he deals with being away from friends and family and how he keeps sane while living out of a suitcase going from hotel to comedy club to hotel to airport.

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We spoke too about gigging the college scene and how he’s taken it upon himself to be a kind of ‘good uncle’ figure for college students, helping them out and listening to them and giving them a place to share problems.

We also spoke about why he got into comedy among other things and we finished off with our usual True/False Challenge too.

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