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The Comedy Cast Interview with Ben MacLean

Ben MacLean, photo by Greg Sylwan
Ben MacLean, photo by Greg Sylwan

Welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today we have a very special guest, Ben MacLean, a Canadian stand-up comedian making a career for himself in Germany’s capital city, Berlin.

Ben MacLean was bitten by the comedy bug a while ago and even though he didn’t delve in immediately, choosing to take his time and perfect his jokes before gigging more.

It was really interesting to speak to Ben about the exploding stand-up comedy scene in Berlin; I’d heard stories that it was going through something or a boom and I’d be very skeptical to say the least so it was great that Ben was able to give a great picture of what’s really going on and I was put in my place.

We spoke about Ben’s influence, why he got into comedy, what the future hold and at the end; our True/False Challenge.

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