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Ruaidhrí Ward
Ruaidhrí Ward

Hello and welcomed back to The Comedy Cast, today you’ll be hearing from one of Belfast’s finest; Ruaidhrí Ward.

Ruaidhrí’s been active on the Irish comedy scene for a little while now and he’s one of the best out there, so keep an eye out for him.

I loved talking to him, I had a great time, he really had me laughing like we were old mates catching up.

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We had a good old chat about all things comedy, how and why he got into it. We spoke too about the current comedy scene in Northern Ireland; why it’s so good at the moment and striking while the iron is hot.

Of course we spoke about growing up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles.

We have a natter about Brexit too and we got a bot ranty about the ludicrousness of it all. We spoke too about Ruaidhrí’s love for appearing in sketch comedy videos and his love for making videos too. We have a laugh about his social media pages too; especially his storify pages where he hilariously live tweets mundane things like a visit from the refrigerator repair man.

Finally then we finish up with our usual True/False Challenge.

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