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Murder, She Didn’t Write, Bullet Girl and Bill Hicks

Singing Cops, Our Reality TV pitches and Bill Hicks is our Legend of Comedy. We have interviews with Lizzy Skrzypiec of Murder She Didn’t, on now at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Dylan Keenan from the Dublin band Bullet Girl.

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We kick off the podcast by speaking about the viral phenomenon of singing American cops. It’s a bit weird isn’t it? Like, yea cops are human too but shouldn’t they really be working when in work and not working on choreographed lip-syncing battles. Call us old fashioned, but yea cops should do cops things, well, the things they’re supposed to be doing, you know what we mean.

You have to wonder what would be the case if Irish cops started doing this, would it all be lads miming to Richie Kavanagh’s hits or Nathan Carter, maybe we’d see a rebel doing a Metallica songs. God knows, but as Seamus says, at least our cops pretend to give a toss about their jobs.

Elizabeth Skrzypiec is our comedy guest this week. She’s a member of the Bristol-based improv comedy group, Degrees of Error. At this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival they are putting on their smash-hit show Murder, She Didn’t, so we speak about the show, what attracted her to improv comedy and how to come out of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival intact.

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Love Island is over. We didn’t watch it but it was difficult to avoid when all the rags and radio stations are yapping about it. Anyway, we rip on it and we get talking about what we’d like to pitch to television producers if we were allowed to make our own reality television programmes.

We have our musical guest on then, Dylan Keenan from Dublin guitar-band Bullet Girl. I totally fell in love with this band when I came across them here such a wonderful fuzzy guitar sound and vocals as well. We quickly got talking about our shared love for grunge and Sonic Youth in particular and we chat about the rock scene in Dublin.

Bill Hicks Podcast

Back to Seamus and myself then, we close the show by speaking about another Legend of Comedy, Bill Hicks.

We hope you like the show and please continue to tell your friends all about us. Speak to you next week, g’luck.

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